We offer a number of personal loan options to our clients here at Mr. Money. We understand that needs vary so we have something for everyone, you just pick the package. Our personal loan services include:

  • Emergency loans

Misfortunes can strike at any time, leaving you distressed because you hadn’t planned for it financially. Losing your job unexpectedly for instance could be a major blow to your financial balance because your source of income has stalled. For such happenings we have you covered with our emergency loan. It is fast and efficient to get you back on your feet in no time.

  • Medical loans

Do you need to undergo a medical procedure but facing financial constraints? Mr. Money is here to help. Apply for a medical loan to get your medical bills secured by us leaving you with less stress when coping with recovery. We also offer a dental loan under the medical loan umbrella. Whether you want veneers or need braces for your teeth, pay us a visit and we will make it happen.

  • Home furnishing loans

When was the last time you renovated your home? You may have thought about it but your pockets don’t allow you. Do you know that we offer home furnishing loans to our clients? Now you do. Whether you want to change your kitchen décor or your bathroom lightings, we are the solution to your dreams.

  • Appliance loans

Paying utility bills could make you forget that your water heater needs replacement or make you ignore your leaky freezer. Living pocket to pocket forces most consumers to live with appliances that are in bad shape. If you are in such a situation, consider taking an appliance loan which is better in terms of interest than paying with your credit card.

  • Vacation loans

How could we miss this on our list? If you have been planning every year to go swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii but haven’t been able to, this is your chance. At Mr. Money we offer you a vacation loan ideal for individual or family vacations. Pay us a visit, we will gladly help you out.


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