As humans, we get needs that at times cannot be serviced by our current resources. Such situations lead us to borrowing from financial institutions which is what we also venture in as Mr. Money. Unlike banks or credit unions, we provide our clients with personalized and simplified services which are not only fast but efficient. We contribute to all personal needs that you may require from medical to vacation loans. If you are wondering why you should opt for our services, here is why;

Why us

  • Personalized services

We take our clients very seriously and we appreciate their uniqueness which is why we tailor make our services to fit every client’s requirements. At Mr. Money, we serve individuals based on their needs and aspirations. All you have to do is to share with us your desired goals and we will get it done.

  • Our response is fast

One factor we respect as Mr. Money is time. We understand that our clients need services fast and we do exactly that. We have many employees to respond to you when you call or visit us at our offices so you don’t feel inconvenienced waiting in line. 

  • We take our time to know you

Since we want you to get first class experience through our services, we take time to know you better. Our clients are our best asset so knowing you is our great pleasure. In getting acquainted, we are able to provide you with the services you require.

  • We keep you informed

At Mr. Money, we want you to become money smart so we give you all the information on the different personal loans we offer. We offer you resources from relevant bankruptcy resources, booklets, pamphlets and flyers for your consumer needs. An informed borrower is what we expect you to become when you partner with us.


Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday: 7 am - 9 pm
Wednesday,Thursday, Friday: 9m- 6pm